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Country Roads

Well I just had to let everyone know about our newest trend that has kept us super busy over the last few weeks.

Country Roads is a classic blend of natural materials and vintage chic to create a modern understated theme for any occasion.

floral birdcage ufton2

Natural materials, include tree trunk plates, hessian, rope, lace and glass, make individual statements but together they set the scene perfectly.

tree trunk base2

Hessian is one of those fabrics that most people associate with rough, itchy potato sacks, but the hessian sashes we have discovered are so soft but still have the hessian look to them.

We also doubled the hessian with white stretch lace to create a softer look which also gives a textured appearance.

Chair cov & sash

By using natural materials we have so many textures to play with; slices of tree trunk have been used to create a centre plate for all the different elements to sit upon.

Long necked bottles have been wrapped in a natural coloured rope to add interest and texture to a naturally smooth object, simple sprays of flowers sit proudly within the bottle.

Small jam jars with matching lace around the rim filled with water and floating candles or flowers.

tree trunk display full2

Hope you enjoy bringing the naturals to your tables.

See you next month




Paper Pom Pom

Handmade decorations are on trend at the moment, it makes your day even more personal. Here are a few ideas that will look like you have spent a fortune but only you will know it cost you a few pounds not hundreds….

Do you remember making pom-poms when you were younger?

Wrapping wool tightly around two cardboard circles, it is a fond childhood memory for me so I was really happy to find out they are back in fashion but in but instead of wool, they are made from tissue paper!!!

It has really been made fashionable and versatile, from floating from the ceiling in a cascade of colour to the brides bouquet or button holes, napkin rings to chair pom poms – no stopping this classic decoration.

Flower Bouquet*

The paper pom- poms can be colour coordinated to match your individual colour scheme, the colour choice and style is as far as your imagination can think of.


You can use plain paper or decorated paper or a mixture of them both. They can be as elegant or as funky as you would like.

Polka dot Pom pom

This is a fabulous way of decorating your venue for an expensive look on a budget.

An addition to pom pom’s are tassel garlands, they can be used as an alternative to bunting or just to add a splash of colour to finish the room or decorate the cake table.

Tassel Garland*

Go on have some fun and revive a classic idea into an amazing decoration for your special day. I know I am…


*Image 1 from

*Image 4 from

2014 Colour Trends

So what does 2014 have in store for wedding design trends and colours?

Well on my travels I have found several new trends and colours that look to be hot for the 2014 wedding season.

Glamorous eras are going to make a comeback, especially the 20’s and 30’s – perhaps inspired by the release of the Baz Luhrmann movie the Great Gatsby?  These eras are all about elegance, glamour and decadence.

Lace is still very popular with hints of beading and pearls; this is being combined with a soft natural pastel pallet of colour.


Mint green/chocolate: This is a very elegant colour pallet, (mint choc ice cream comes to mind!) rich chocolate with crisp mint green, great for an autumn wedding.


Fuchsia pink/lime: For the more adventurous bride, statement colour combination of fuchsia pink and lime will certainly give that wow factor, brilliant for a hot summer wedding.


Be brave and bold in either clashing your colours or accenting either one for a more subtle statement.

Teal/orange: These two colours work really well together, teal giving the fresh aspect with the bright orange brightening up any room, giving a fresh, dramatic look. This will work great in the summer months.  There is so much opportunity to follow this through in all aspects of your wedding, from bright orange gerbera tied with teal ribbon, to bon bon jars filled with jelly beans as centrepieces. I could go on and on.

Being brave is the key to deciding on a colour theme for your special day, trends come and go but your memories last a lifetime.

So I hope this blog has given you a little bit more of an insight into what’s going on in the wide world of weddings and perhaps some inspiration!

Keep reading as I always find something creative that I want to tell the world about and of course I’m always here to bounce around ideas with and come up with something exciting, unique and creative just for your special day.


Christmas event ideas

Christmas 2012 is just around the corner, blink and you might miss it.

So we here at Blue Orchid Events have decided to help you with some ideas for your Christmas decorations to ensure that this Christmas will be truly one to remember.

Christmas Centrepieces

Christmas 2012 is the year to focus on modern trends and leave the traditional ideas in the past. Popular colours for Christmas 2012 will be blacks, whites and golds. You should accompany these colours with tall centerpieces such as Martini Vases or Lilly Vases to add height to your venue. Also, think about using LED lighting to modernise your centrepieces and stay away from the traditional candle light which will date your feature.

Christmas Trees

For the tree, remember less is more – but be adventurous! Splash out on a vibrant white or black Christmas tree and decorate with LED fairy lights and a selection of gold baubles.

Chair Covers

Finally, complement your overall theme with black chair covers with gold satin sashes tied in a knot, this will add the final modern touch to your Christmas 2012 party.

So there you have it – a few ideas to think about, be it your office Christmas party or celebrating the special day with loved ones in style, contact us for a bespoke concept to help tantalise that festive feeling.

Wedding Centrepiece tips

So you have your checklist for the wedding and venue dressing is one of the last things some couples will think about, but why?

The venue is where all of your guest will be for the longest amount of time, so it is important that once the bridal dresses and grooms suites are organised that your focus should turn to the room where you will spend your first time as a married couple.

Centrepieces can quickly add style and elegance to any venue, here are just a few tips to bear in mind:

Remember to try and keep in key with design of the venue and the style of the room. Getting married in a stately home with vibrant ostrich feather table displays will look out of place in the venue and detract from your theme.
Tall ceilings need tall centerpieces to add height to your tables. This will give the illusion that the room is fuller to avoid guests feeling like they are sat in a wide open space.
If you’re having a more intimate day, smaller features such as floating candle bowls will not obstruct a guest’s view while adding extra romantic lighting.

So, how can we help?

For Centrepiece hire in Berkshire, Wiltshire, Hampshire and London with real expertise please contact us for a no obligation quotation.

Honeymoon destinations

If you’re still planing which exotic country to make your honeymoon destination, why not consider Malta?

Malta is located in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea south of Sicily. With English as a main spoken language you will never get lost in translation.

With its warm climate and friendly locals, I’m sure your fall in love with Malta and be returning for your first anniversary.

The future is orange

The future is truly bright with a new trending colour on the horizon. Orange is the new bridal colour for Winter 2012/Spring 2013.

Don’t worry we are not speaking bright tangerine but more burnt and bronzed Oranges will be the colour of choice. So if your thinking of following this future trend, here is a few ideas to help with your theme.

One final tip to remember when using bright or bold colours, less is always more.

Latin Beauty Roses

Mango Coloured Calla Lily


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