Country Roads

Well I just had to let everyone know about our newest trend that has kept us super busy over the last few weeks.

Country Roads is a classic blend of natural materials and vintage chic to create a modern understated theme for any occasion.

floral birdcage ufton2

Natural materials, include tree trunk plates, hessian, rope, lace and glass, make individual statements but together they set the scene perfectly.

tree trunk base2

Hessian is one of those fabrics that most people associate with rough, itchy potato sacks, but the hessian sashes we have discovered are so soft but still have the hessian look to them.

We also doubled the hessian with white stretch lace to create a softer look which also gives a textured appearance.

Chair cov & sash

By using natural materials we have so many textures to play with; slices of tree trunk have been used to create a centre plate for all the different elements to sit upon.

Long necked bottles have been wrapped in a natural coloured rope to add interest and texture to a naturally smooth object, simple sprays of flowers sit proudly within the bottle.

Small jam jars with matching lace around the rim filled with water and floating candles or flowers.

tree trunk display full2

Hope you enjoy bringing the naturals to your tables.

See you next month




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