Paper Pom Pom

Handmade decorations are on trend at the moment, it makes your day even more personal. Here are a few ideas that will look like you have spent a fortune but only you will know it cost you a few pounds not hundreds….

Do you remember making pom-poms when you were younger?

Wrapping wool tightly around two cardboard circles, it is a fond childhood memory for me so I was really happy to find out they are back in fashion but in but instead of wool, they are made from tissue paper!!!

It has really been made fashionable and versatile, from floating from the ceiling in a cascade of colour to the brides bouquet or button holes, napkin rings to chair pom poms – no stopping this classic decoration.

Flower Bouquet*

The paper pom- poms can be colour coordinated to match your individual colour scheme, the colour choice and style is as far as your imagination can think of.


You can use plain paper or decorated paper or a mixture of them both. They can be as elegant or as funky as you would like.

Polka dot Pom pom

This is a fabulous way of decorating your venue for an expensive look on a budget.

An addition to pom pom’s are tassel garlands, they can be used as an alternative to bunting or just to add a splash of colour to finish the room or decorate the cake table.

Tassel Garland*

Go on have some fun and revive a classic idea into an amazing decoration for your special day. I know I am…


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